The Story Of Little Box Of Heaven
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Several years ago my friend Susan had to say good bye to her beloved dog, Sky. He was the sweetest little terrier on the planet, and it was heartbreaking to say good bye. When she received his ashes in a little cardboard box, she asked me to create a memory box that could hold his little box of ashes, along with his collar, some photos, and his favorite squeeky toy - Mr. Banana. I designed and painted a wooden box with blue sky and a sun and rolling hills and a doghouse, trees, flowers, a butterfly and even Mr. Banana. On the back I wrote "Forever in our hearts". On top I wrote "Sky" inside a purple and gold heart. The inside of the box I painted rich gold, and on the inside of the lid the inscription says: Filled With Love. It was everything she wanted, a new home for her sweet Sky, and her treasures and memories of him. It sits on the bookshelf in her living room, although she confesses that she slept with it next to her bed for many months.

As other friends heard of the little box designed just for Susan and Sky Dog, many more friends (and friends of friends) have asked for personalized, custom designed, hand-painted boxes for their special memories of their "best friends". I have created boxes for every kind of pet, large and small.

Here's how it all happens: I custom design each box especially for you. I have two standard boxes, or I am happy to custom create any special size you want to accommodate all of your treasured memories. I start by listening to your thoughts and ideas, and then work with you to create special images, phrases, colors, icons, whatever you want to make your Little Box of Heaven memory box personal and special for you.

Each box is a work of art. They are hand-made out of solid wood, drawn and carved and painted with artist-quality, water based paints, then sealed with three coats of water-based clear coat.

Some images: Rainbow, butterfly, treats, a favorite toy, an characature image of your pet sitting under a tree or running through a wide open field, a flying angel kitty (or angel-dog, or angel-bunny, or angel-frog . . .you get the idea), heart, stars, clouds, house, sun, moon, trees.

Special messages: Your pet's name, Filled With Love, Peace, Forever in our Hearts, Family, Play, Sweet Dreams . . . any personal message you'd like to include.  

 Colors:  We offer two basic color styles, Natural Wood stain (like the Peaceful Garden Little Box of Heaven) with jewel tone colors, and the Black Stain (as in the Celebrate Life Little Box of Heaven) over which we paint bright colors.  Beyond those two choices, please just let me know as much or as little as you choose.  If you want to design the entire pallette, great.  If you want to just suggest one or two favorite colors, that's great too,I can fill in the rest with beautiful complementing colors. 

 Size and Shape:  Our standard Little Box of Heaven are rectangular, 4 3/4" x 7" and 3 1/2" tall.  If you would like a different size, to hold all of your treasures, or any other shape, just let us know.  

Ready?  Let's get started! 

To start creating your own Little Box Of Heaven, please visit our Little Box of Heaven page. There you can select either of our two standard boxes, or choose our popular CUSTOM option to begin creating your very own design.

If you have someone in your life who would love to have a treasured memory box, please tell them all about us.

Want more? Of course you do! We** also create hand-painted photo albums, picture frames, and an unlimited gallery of mirrors, pet-door frames, toy boxes, leash racks, treats boxes, dog houses . . . You dream it, Magic Brush Unleashed creates it!

**  "We" means You, and Me, and my pastel calico kitty "Butter" (who adopted me and my can opener three years ago). She sleeps under the table in the art studio where the sun comes streaming in while I paint, and she shows me every day how precious and special and important our pets are in our lives, and she reminds me to take special care in creating this Little Box of Heaven for you.

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