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'Go Play' Pet Door Frame
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Weight: 3.00 lbs

Send your little furball out for an adventure with this special frame around your pet's door.  You know those little swinging doors you can install in your people doors or walls, so your pet can come in and go out and come in and go out and come in and go out and come in and go out, with out us humans having to get off the couch?  Well, now your little adventurer can have a hand-painted wooden frame around their little pet door!  This frame runs down both sides, and across the top of the door.  The top says "Go Play!" with a sun and a butterfly.  On the right side it says "Run, Jump, Howl, Nap in the Sun Beams, Play " and down the left side is a blue spruce pine tree, because my kitty cat Butter loves climbing trees.  I would love to make one (or two!) just for you with your pet's name, or fun words and colors and personal designs. This 3 sided frame is 8 1/2" x 8 1/2".  If you need a 4-sided frame, or a larger size, no problem!  Just click on CREATE IT on the dangling dog tag up there and tell us what you'd like!  These frames are delivered to you with super duper, 3M double sided, interior/exterior foam tape for quick and easy installation, that will survive some pretty epic weather and pet use. 

Customize with my pet’s name

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